Rose Gold Christmas Cards

We are fast approaching my favourite time of year. Dan's birthday, my birthday, Christmas (which also happens to be my Mother's birthday). It's just all sorts of fabulous festivity around here. The house is getting there and I'm hopeful for a finished-ish house for Christmas (Dan thinks it will never end).

I digress. If like a lot of other people at the moment you've got a thing for rose gold everything, then I've got just the thing for you. My rose gold foiled Christmas card collection. They come individually or as boxes of six and are definitely the thing for the most special people in your life. Sure they're simple, or as I like to think classic, but give these bad boys some light and they shimmer (plus they feel all foily and lovely).

You can buy them here or on Not on the High Street (heads up - they'll be a fabulous Black Friday sale over on NOTHS).

I will no doubt be getting more Christmassy over here soon, but in the meantime, I hope you're festive season is getting off to a great start.

Emily Rollings