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Plan less; live more

Emily Rollings


I’ve always been a bit of striver; pushing to get everything done, meet everyone’s expectations and feel like I did a good enough job when my head hits the pillow each day. As each year has passed, bringing more responsibilities with it, it’s got harder to live this way and actually feel content. By this summer I was well and truly over it; over looking for the perfect system to keep everything organised and over feeling like no matter how much I did it was never enough. And I know I’m not alone.

I realised the simple answer had been staring me right in the face: do less. Stop expecting to fit so much into one day and actually live the day instead. Play with my children, gaze out the window for bit, and be ok with the work I achieved, however much that was. I set out to look for a planner that would not only support me doing less but actually encourage it. (Spoiler alert) I didn’t find one. So I made one. Enter The Essential Planner.

The Essential Planner has one aim above all else, decide how you actually want to spend your days and live that. Of course many of us have jobs, families, friends that require things from us, but if you’d rather read a book for an hour than bake a cake from scratch, then buy the cake, or even RSVP no to the party (if you want to).

I used the word Essential because I truly only want you to fill it with the things that you deem essential. Get rid of the expectations to always be doing more and just do what matters.

With this in mind the planner is structured a bit differently to other planners. For each month there is a month view calendar, so you can note down important dates. Rather than daily task lists, and schedules The Essential Planner  has one double page spread for the whole week; one page for your tasks and one page for your fun. Simple and easy to keep everything in one place.

The thing about daily task lists is that they’re just another way to convince you to do more; more space to fill equals more jobs to do. I often find many of my tasks spill over to the next day anyway, so why not aim to get them done by the end of the week, rather than the end of the day. Way less pressure. The bonus is, less space for jobs, means less jobs, which ultimately means you have ask yourself, do I want to do this? Does it actually matter?

As for schedule sections, controversially, I don’t really believe in them. Hourly schedule slots just encourage us to fill our days, leaving no space to breathe or be still. Personally I use my iCal for appointments, as it means they can be moved without the employment of tippex, and I can share them with my husband.

As you can probably tell, The Essential Planner  is a little different, but in a world of planners telling you to be more productive, more grateful, more organised, I wanted to say; what if we all decided to be happy, just as we are? What if we replaced more with less?

The truth is, no planner will ever change your life, but making space to live how you love might. I hope The Essential Planner  will help you create this space.

To view and buy the planner, visit the shop.

A Letter to Sophia

Emily Rollings

Dear Sophia,

Tomorrow you are two and it feels like only yesterday that I found out I was expecting you.

The strange thing about the year between 1 and 2 is that you go from being a baby to a child. It happens imperceptibly, little bit at a time, everyday. One minute you are toddling and making noises and the next you are walking upright with the most breathtaking confidence. Then out of nowhere the babies squeaks start to disappear and in their place comes a moment, one night at bedtime, where you look at me and say 'one more book Mummy', and I am floored. So proud, yet so disbelieving.

Alongside the disbelief comes the fun of seeing your personality develop; seeing what things you like to do and a bit more about how you see the world. At the moment you are very interested in pens and writing/drawing (I hope this means you will be an illustrator, but of course you can be whatever you want). You are also showing strong climbing skills (Daddy will like this) and have impressive agility for your age. What I most love to watch is how affectionate you are. You are so friendly; taking as much joy in greeting people as you do in saying 'bye bye' in your sweet and cheerful voice. You are very fond of hugging your friends and mine, and in my moments of motherly doubt I hope this is because I've tried to hug you lots. I promise I always will.

This year has brought many moments I'm not so proud of (having a toddler is hard). Every time you have a tantrum (this does happen) I try again to find the compassion for what your little brain must be experiencing, even when it seems illogical to my 'grown-up mind'. I know for you it's very real and every day I ask for the strength to be compassionate, because you deserve that more than words can say.

It's been an interesting few months, meeting Arthur. I'm still not sure what you make of him but I hope you will be glad of his company soon, and best of friends one day. Amidst the overly aggressive 'affection', I see that you love him. I see it when he cries whilst I'm in the other room and I come in to find you comforting him and my heart could burst with pride.

Because of you I strive to my best self every day. You inspire me to be the best role model I can be. Mostly you remind me how much I have to be grateful for. Thanks for making me a mother Sophia. What an adventure it is!

Mummy x

Photo by Little White Photography

Birthday Letters to my Baby

Emily Rollings

I grew two things in 2016; a baby and book. Both have been a total joy and neither without their struggles. As I write, I'm waiting (just a bit longer) for the baby to arrive, but in the meantime I'm overjoyed to launch the book: Birthday Letters to my Baby.

As I wait for my son to arrive it's hard to remember exactly how I felt waiting for the arrival of my daughter, less than two years ago, but I know she changed everything. 

On the day Sophia was born I wrote her a letter, not wanting to forget the feeling of that unique moment. I thought about the woman she would one day become and hoped that this letter would bring joy and meaning to her older self; that one day it would be a keepsake by which she could remember her arrival in the world.

I often wish I was one of those people who kept a regular journal. I like the idea of consistently recording the small moments in life, but if you read either of my blogs you'll know that's not me. I don't have a record of the exact moment Sophia crawled (sorry sweetheart), but as her first year rushed past I thought about the letter I wrote on her Birth-Day and realised I could at least write to her once a year, on her birthday.  I could create a tradition to keep my own record of her journey through childhood, and hopefully a story that she could carry with her through life.  A story that would remind her of who is she, where she came from and how much she is loved.

I know that the true inspiration behind this idea was my own mother. We would often open our lunch boxes to find a little note from her and the photo book she made me when I turned 18, with the hospital tag from when I was born and birthday cards, is an irreplaceable gift. My mum taught me to cherish memories and to say how you feel.

We are the richest people in the world, but we are rushing everywhere, caught up in how everything looks from the outside, and sometimes I think we have forgotten our true riches. These small moments; the feeling when our baby says 'Mummy' for the first time (heck every time), watching them learn something, seeing what things interest them (often different from our own interests), these are the things that matter.

My greatest hope is that this book creates a place for you to write to your children, a place to hold your treasured memories, a place for your greatest adventure to unfold.

Rose Quartz and Serenity Wedding

Emily Rollings

I probably couldn't imagine a more lovely combination of colours for a wedding than this year's Pantone colours of the year. It's the first time Pantone has released two colours and they are a dream team. Rose Quartz and Serenity are popping up all over the wedding scene and rightly so.

You might have seen that I gave my original Rose suite a re-vamp for 2016 with these two colours centre stage, and I honestly think it brings the feminine romance that this suite is calling out for.

If I were planning a wedding with these two colours, here is some of what I'd be including. 


And of course, the Rose suite!

Rose Gold Christmas Cards

Emily Rollings

We are fast approaching my favourite time of year. Dan's birthday, my birthday, Christmas (which also happens to be my Mother's birthday). It's just all sorts of fabulous festivity around here. The house is getting there and I'm hopeful for a finished-ish house for Christmas (Dan thinks it will never end).

I digress. If like a lot of other people at the moment you've got a thing for rose gold everything, then I've got just the thing for you. My rose gold foiled Christmas card collection. They come individually or as boxes of six and are definitely the thing for the most special people in your life. Sure they're simple, or as I like to think classic, but give these bad boys some light and they shimmer (plus they feel all foily and lovely).

You can buy them here or on Not on the High Street (heads up - they'll be a fabulous Black Friday sale over on NOTHS).

I will no doubt be getting more Christmassy over here soon, but in the meantime, I hope you're festive season is getting off to a great start.

Free Wedding Printable with Bespoke Bride

Emily Rollings

While I wait for baby to arrive I thought I'd share a collaboration I did recently with the lovely Emily and Jessica at Bespoke Bride. The most colourful and fun bridal site in the blogosphere, Bespoke Bride is a treasure trove of inspiration, real weddings and DIYs.

When Emily and Jessica asked me to create a free printable for their Mexican-themed May I jumped at the chance to create these bright fiesta-inspired table numbers, free for you to download and print. Head on over to Bespoke Bride to grab these for yourself and make sure you put aside a few hours to peruse and be inspired!

image via Bespoke Bride

New Greetings Cards

Emily Rollings

I've been busy designing, printing and photography my new range of greetings cards. I am a big fan of hand lettering. It's certainly been a trend over the last year or so and I'm fully embracing this with the latest additions to my collection.

I hope these bright beauties inspire you to send some love to the people in your life, whether you're saying thank you, well done or just plain old hi!

The cards are on sale now, both here and on Not on the High Street.

P.S. There are only a few weeks until Father's Day so make sure you check out my cards especially for Dads.

Watercolour Wedding Inspiration

Emily Rollings

As you will probably have noticed from my stationery, I love watercolour. It's my favourite medium; so versatile and tactile. When I decided to create a customisable wedding stationery collection I knew my first one had to be watercolour. Plus this has been a major wedding trend recently and looking at the above inspiration you can see why. It can extend into every element of your special day; cake, textiles, even your dress. When I design anything I will always start with inspiration gathering, so I though I'd share a glimpse of some of the inspiration behind my watercolour collection, which are four of the suites that make up my full collection.

To see the full watercolour range have a look at my wedding suites. To see more watercolour inspiration check out my Pinterest boards.

images 1 Style Me Pretty // 2 Magnolia Rouge // 3 One Fab Day // 4 Project Wedding // 5 Almost Makes Perfect // 6 The Wedding Scoop // 7 Wedding Chicks // 8 Griottes // 9 Rock n Roll Bride


Not On The High Street

Emily Rollings

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend. What a lovely first Bank Holiday of the year! As mentioned we treated ourselves to a whole two days off house stuff and made the most of the lovely weather that appeared. We did spend Friday and Saturday DIY-ing and I'm half way through a furniture hack that I'll share with you here soon.

One of the reasons it's been a bit quiet around here the last two weeks is that I've been beavering away getting my new store live on Not on the High Street. I'm super excited to have been invited to join this incredible site, which not only sells loads of unique treasures but has become a household name in less than 10 years. Needless to say I'm delighted. I'm still working with clients through my own website and will continue to run my shop here as well but hopefully will get to meet even more design-loving customers through this new venture.

Outside the studio we have been pushing hard to get the house finished and I'm pleased to report that we now have all rooms in a usable state, which has certainly improved sanity levels around these parts. Although I don't really feel tired yet I'm having to admit I'll kick myself in a few weeks if I don't start to take it easy soon. In light of this, my list of jobs is growing shorter now and mostly consists of; paint skirting board in dining room, fix storage in bathroom etc. I'll share an update later in the week but for now happy humpday.

In the Studio

Emily Rollings

One of my favourite moments as a designer is the moment a piece of work comes back from the printers. I am 100% a print girl. The feel of the paper, the way the colour responds to the paper stock you've chosen and yes the art of sharing something in this tactile format, which is now even more valuable in a digital age. So it was with great excitement that I received my most recent piece of print work; Save the Date cards for my sister's wedding.

They were a most welcome burst of colour on a grey February day. These are just the first in a long list of stationery that I'll be designing for my sister's big day and it is such a privilege to be involved in this way. If you're getting married and are looking for bespoke stationery for your wedding please get in touch.

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