I love having a word to act as a guide for the year. Not sure if that's a bit cheesy but it's something I've discovered lately. This year, all the voices are calling for that word to be minimalism. I know, totally all the rage right now! Well, it's something I've pondered with increasing regularity over the past few years. I'll save the story of what got me interested in a minimalist life for another post but right now I'll say I'm feeling that it's finally time to put my money where my mouth is. When I reflect on 2015 a lot of thoughts spring to mind; the best year of my life, the busiest year ever, a little too much. It's a bit of a given that the year you become a parent will be a whirlwind full of joy and challenge, in equal measure. For the benefit of the childless among you, I wouldn't recommend making your first year of parenthood the same year you choose to renovate a house and start a business; for what it's worth. Don't think I'm moaning. I am incredibly proud of what Dan and I have achieved this year but if I'm being honest it has been too much.

Are you starting to see why the time has come for me (us) to embrace a simpler way? I'll be posting on my journey into life as a minimalist, starting with possessions (yes that's right, all the stuff), which is definitely the area that peaked my interest in the first place, but certainly not the only part of minimalism by any stretch!

Any words of the year for you guys? Any minimalist goals?

And of course, Happy New Year!