Wilderness Festival

Happy Monday you all. Last night Dan and I returned from Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire; a festival celebrating arts in the wild outdoors. The stunning country estate is truly a vast wonderland of tall trees, open hills and great lakes. We swam each morning in the lake, spent lazy afternoons watching some known and unknown artists; gobbling up a whole lot of world-class street food (YUM!) all the while. wilderness-2014-1-the-simple-stories

The whole site was filled with incredible experiences and I have no doubt that each of the thousands of guests had a totally unique visit.


More than a music festival, Wilderness was full to the brim with theatre, banqueting, crafting and outdoor adventures, not to mention a spa.  We certainly only scratched the surface of activities but mostly we just switched off, spent time together and didn't look at a single screen all weekend (literally - I couldn't even Instagram any of the wonderful photos we took.) So here are just a couple.


We're off to Sussex today to prepare for my sister's wedding next weekend. I'll be quiet around here for the next few days (but, no doubt, on Instagram) and back next week to fill you in on our continued adventures.




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