Slow Blogging

When I started blogging I definitely felt pressure to post frequently and have a regular schedule. Accepted wisdom seemed to suggest that frequent posting was an integral part of blogging, almost as important as the content itself. I held myself up to this standard and never met my self imposed expectation. As I've embraced the idea of slow living over the past year or so, I've thought more about why I've never blogged prolifically, and more importantly why I felt bad about that. On occasion I even found myself apologising for particularly long posting gaps, which in hindsight seems crazy. I now see, and fully accept, that I only posted when I felt called to; not out of obligation.

Since I started blogging I think the idea of Slow Blogging has been embraced more widely and quantity is definitely no longer seen as more important than quality. When I think about the blogs I regularly visit, they mostly post less often than your average blog, but their content is unquestioningly meaningful. Not only do I gain more inspiration from these blogs, but I don't feel like I have to check in every day in order keep up.

In the last decade not only have blogs taken over the internet, there are countless social media platforms allowing us to share content in seemingly endless of ways. Content is everywhere and the possibility of keeping up with even your favourite blogs, Instagrammers etc is just not possible. Does anyone really want to make this past time a full time job? I think this is the main reason I am now so selective about who I follow online. Put simply; in order to earn the time investment, what you create has to really matter to me.

Seen through this new lens, I'm so glad I never posted to a pre-determined schedule or created 'filler' posts. If you'd have asked my why I started a blog (even until two weeks ago) I would have said, I don't really know. I now know that I started a blog because I wanted to. I love to write and I find so much joy in sharing in this way and most especially in the little moments of connection that blogging creates, often with strangers.

To truly live slowly we have to let that value permeate through our whole lives, rather than only selectively. So even though it seems I've been an accidental slow blogger from the start, 2017 will be my year of focusing on slowing down intentionally, in every area of my life.

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