Our journey to minimalism

As you may remember I decided that my guiding word for 2016 would be minimalism. It's been calling my name for years and I've been gently allowing it's influence to take hold but the time has come to take the bull by the horns and commit!

I think the story behind my interest in minimalism is really the story behind the beginning of my relationship with Dan. It is 6 years since we met and 5 and half years since we moved in together and in those years we have lived in 5 homes. Yes, one a year. Moving every March. Moving ourselves; no removal companies, just a little help from our friends (thanks Daddy, Lucie, Simon and Katherine)!

It was somewhere around the third move that I think I started to realise our belongings, although some useful and many loved, were just stuff for us to pack into boxes, move, and later unpack. You really feel the weight of your possessions when you literally carry them on your back, every year. And thus began my interest in minimalism, when it came to possessions. It would be a while before I really realised minimalism was a whole way of life, that could be applied to everything.

Fast forward two years to our recent renovation project and I had a second epiphany. It's safe to say a Victorian 'project' house is a bit of a money pit, and the budget that seemed plentiful when we started was soon gone. I watched as kitchens and tiles and labour drained our account and by the time it came to the finishing touches we were more than out. It was then that I realised, all the stuff we buy is not only a physical weight but a financial one; the more we need, the more money we must earn and for most people that literally costs them their time. If we need less stuff, then it follows that we can spend less of our hours earning the money to pay for it. This probably seems like the most obvious statement in the world but until that moment I had never put the two together.

And so began not only the decluttering but the much more conscious purchasing. I'm nearly at the point where I feel that most of the things in our house are either working for us or bringing us joy. I'll do a post soon about the actual decluttering process, which has been both gradual and then intensive and hopefully share some things I've learnt along the way!