Dinner Al Fresco

Last night we had friends over for dinner and enjoyed some lovely food and wonderful company, all in the great outdoors (our garden). One of my favourite things about the summer is eating al fresco. Sometimes the daytime temperatures might be verging on too hot for me at this time of year, but this is more than made up for by the wonderful balmy evenings, which make it a joy to spend your nights outdoors. As with any school-night dinner I look for something to cook that is quick and delicious and on this occasion turned to a firm favourite of mine for inspiration; Love and Lemons. I love that although Jeanine and Jack aren't actually vegetarian most of their recipes are vegetable based. We try to follow a similar philosophy; not excluding meat completely (Dan could literally never) but attempting to make the vegetables the focus of our meals. I cannot tell you how much easier this has been since we started getting weekly Abel and Cole deliveries (have I gushed about them already??) dinner-al-fresco-3-the-simple-stories

Anyway, last night I cooked two tasty and easy recipes from Love and Lemons; sweet pepper panzanell and black bean & quinoa burgers, alongside my Grandpa's garlic and rosemary potatoes. Both the panzanell and burgers were quick to make; just a bit of grilling, followed by some blending and some more grilling and I would definitely recommend that you hop over and try these out yourself. For the potatoes simply cut your potatoes of choice into small cubes, boil for 10 mins, drain and transfer to a pan of heated olive oil (about a tsb) with a couple of cloves of diced garlic and some sprigs of rosemary. Allow to fry over a very low heat for half an hour, stirring occasionally to cook evenly and serve. I hope you are all managing to have some lovely outdoor meals in this summery weather we've been having.

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