In Season: Strawberries

Is there anything more British summertime than strawberries? It is one of the fruits we grow really well. No importation necessary here! As long as we get some sunshine, home-grown strawberries can be as sweet as any in the world. In terms of summer nostalgia you can't beat the ritual of visiting a pick-your-own with your little basket (I mean when else can you eat as you buy)? So far this year I've not done anything adventurous with these delicious delights but the following inspiration is set to change that, and fast! An added bonus is that strawberries seem to have surpassed bananas as Sophia's favourite food. She can literally make a whole (big) strawberry disappear in two seconds.

Take a look at the following tasty treats and please share your favourite strawberry recipes.

These Strawberry and Coconut Cream tarts are vegan, gluten free and look all the better for it.

Spiced Strawberry Sauce makes a novel topping for your morning muesli fix.

I always reserve crumbles for winter fruit but this Strawberry Pistachio Crumble looks scrumptious.

I actually made this Spinach, Blackberry and Strawberry Salad a couple of years ago. Everybody came back for seconds.

image by Sarah Yates via Camille Styles

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