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Bonfire night is probably my favourite excuse to throw a party. It's the best feeling to bundle up in lots of clothes to go out in the freezing cold and hopefully stand near a blazing fire. Team that with a firework show and you've got a winner. Even as a grown up there's something really magical about fireworks. I'm a massive fan of the humble sparkler and tend to leave the more hard-core pyrotechnics to Dan.

There is also something to be said for the great food traditions of the 5th November; toffee apples, and warming winter cocktails. I always love to throw in a hot dog with lots of onions and ketchup, as I struggle to be near a campfire, of any sorts, without one. Hopefully this mood-board will give you some inspiration for throwing a little get together of your own. Now that it is dark before the work day is even over, its nice to have a little celebration that relies upon the night sky.

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