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August Snapshots

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I never know how to feel on this day; the last day of summer, as we teeter on the edge of 'back to school'. I do love summer and definitely miss the long days and not having to wear shoes but honestly a part of me comes alive with the beginning of autumn. I think in part this is because we do autumn fairly well in England. Let's be honest summer can be so hit and miss, but autumn will always deliver crisp mornings, a rainbow of changing leaves and ironically, less rain. There's also the fact that historically I loved back to school time; mostly the stationery and new clothes but also a new year of challenges ahead. This autumn brings with it no small challenges. Alongside growing my blog I have some exciting business developments that I'll be sharing soon.

But for now let me catch you up on one of the most action-packed August's of my life, through some snapshots. We dove into this month with lots of socialising, followed swiftly by a festival and then my sister's unforgettable wedding. This two in one Mauritian-English extravaganza, across four days, with some of the most creative ideas and honestly some of the most spectacular countryside I've ever seen, was special beyond words. We spent the whole week in Sussex, and Dan and I felt so lucky to be so involved in the coming together of these two wonderful families.

The last two weeks has mostly involved resting after all the festivities and catching up on work, when actually what we needed was a holiday. Ha!

After the party that was summer I will be diving into some much needed tidying today, ready for the adventures that the new season will no doubt bring.

Wedding photos by Keeran Beeharee