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One of the lovely things about the house I grew up in was that its garden had a number of fruit trees. The apples tried their hardest and the blackberries always put in a good show but nothing could outshine the abundance of the plum tree. Come the middle of August we had plums coming out of our ears. My mother couldn't give them away fast enough and one thing's for sure if you visited us in late August you were leaving with a punnet of plums.

When I think about it I can trace my interest in seasonal food back to this over zealous tree. Although I'm not sure I realised it at the time, there was something deeply comforting about the constancy of that tree. In fact if I had been deposited in that garden with no calendar, or modern time-telling contraption I would have known it was August because of the plums. That is all before the years when I started reading about seasonal eating and nature's clever and subtle signals.

Best of all were the wonderful things our mother made with these gifts from nature - clafoutis, crumbles and my ultimate favourite plum jam. There is something deeply satisfying about making something that can be put into jars and stored for the winter - it feels like a real food investment. Plus if you're into sugar nothing beats it. I still try and make plum jam most years - even though I no longer have the tree. And thus my love of seasonal eating began.

To spread some of my passion for seasonal food, I will try and share some recipes from my favourite food blogs from time to time and hope to inspire you to embrace the season through food and hopefully find some new recipes (and fabulous blogs) along the way.

+ Red velvet plums with pain perdu

+ Plum gallette

+ Honey roasted plums with fresh thyme and greek yoghurt

+ Wild plum jam

*image from Manger