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Colour Crush :: Raspberry Ripple

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The more I read about food and nutrition, the more I am convinced by the simple power of eating seasonally and (if you can) locally. I find myself getting better and better at knowing what comes into season when. For me it's also a great way of making sure I have diversity in the fruits and vegetables I eat.

The only downside is that whilst there are a wealth of native gems, Britain doesn't really have the best conditions when it comes to exciting fruits. You can't exactly lean out of the window to find a mango growing on the tree in your garden and even the incredibly common banana was until quite recently thought of as a really exotic fruit. At least that is how I feel for most of the year. Then around roles summer and the few months when our gardens burst with berries and that's when seasonal eating really comes to into its own.

Today's Pantone-momium honours 206, a luscious raspberry hue, the colour of deep Peony petals and even the occasional autumn leaf (see above). But whilst summer lasts grab yourself some of England's finest berries and chuck them in a smoothie, iced lolly or cocktail, or even just a bowl by themselves.

*images //  Hanging Vases // Olivia Palermo // Ice Lollies // Raspberries // Peonies // McQueen Autumn 2012 dress // Santorini //  Rapsberry topped cakes // Trees