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I'm missing my family a bit this week. My parents spend their summers in France, high up in the mountains of the Pyrenees and yesterday my sister went out to join them for a long weekend. I've visited that house almost every summer since I was 12 so not paying a visit this year feels strange.

It goes with out saying that the food is heaven (I genuinely struggle to eat tomatoes in the UK as a result), the weather is usually lovely and certainly more reliable than here but I think it's mostly the luxury of spending time together, away from normal life. Of course we are still at home (the washing up needs to be done and their is no one to cook our meals) but it's a special sort of home - one away from ordinary life where we can switch off from the stuff we do at home home.

It's a long old drive up the mountain to get to the house, but once you get there the view is sensational and the air is so clear. Nothing could be as green as the tops of those Pyrenees mountains (see top right) and so today I dedicate a colour celebration to rich emerald green (co-incidently Pantone's Colour of the Year 2013) and to my family in France - whom I hope are enjoying some of the above pleasures in life.

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