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Colour Crush :: Summer Sunset

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Now that summer is drawing to a close it's got me thinking about why for many it's the season of favour, it also means I can say it has actually been a great summer here. This statement would have been unspeakable a few weeks ago when the good weather started to arrive – in Britain we are unable to celebrate weather (or many things) without the fear of jinxing our luck.

One of the lovely things about this great weather has been all the evening walks Dan and I have taken by the lakes near our house. It's such a peaceful way to end the day and spend a bit of time with nature. This last week I've started to notice that our post dinner walk has seen the light grow dimmer, as the sunsets creep closer to autumn. And that drew me to realise that sunsets, colourful and most importantly late sunsets, might be my favourite bit of summer. In this country you can't guarantee better weather and judging by snow in March who knows how long you'll even by able to guarantee warmth, but the sun will always set gloriously late (at least for June and July).

I remember countless summers staying up and playing until it was dark, often not until 10.30pm and then later summers staying up through the dark to watch the sun rise again after only a few hours of darkness. These shamelessly long days make up in some part for their opposites, in the depths of winter, and the fact that on my birthday the sun sets at 3.45pm!

Enjoy the last days of summer whatever you're doing and try to watch out for some of those unbeatable pink sunsets.

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