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I have been coveting a champagne gold Michael Kors watch for the better part of a year and then last week Apple released the new iPhone 5s and my eye went straight to glowy warmth of their latest gold offering. Now a watch is one thing but when I start lusting after a gold phone I've got to admit something's going on.

Let me explain that I am not a gold person. At the tender age of 8 I decided that as a blonde, gold was a bit too warm for me and have stuck firmly to metals of a silver colour ever since. Both my engagement and wedding ring are white gold and I cannot think that I own a single piece of yellow gold but sometime within the last year this has clearly changed and before I know it I could be wearing champagne coloured sequins to match my watch and my iPhone.

Let's face it, all precious metals have a glamour and sparkle to them but gold offers just that bit more warmth and luxury than the others. Don't get my wrong I still shy away from the brassier of golds for the aforementioned reason but I am starting to realise that I have too long overlooked the subtle but magical charms of a champagne tinged accessory. Needless to say, if I could only ever drink one thing for the rest of my life (other than water) it would be champagne, so why have I failed to appreciated the other things this fabulous hue has to offer?

Well no more. I wholeheartedly embrace the gilt and who knows by Christmas I could be champagne from my shoes to the ends of my hair!

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