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Kale: superfood, health fad, green leaf? Whatever your opinion on this leaf of choice, one thing is for sure; it's been in the food spotlight of late. I personally only really became aware of its existence about a year ago, although I'm pretty sure it's just the sort of thing my mother would have suggested I eat twenty years ago.

So whilst I am completely convinced of its merits I have one problem: I don't know what to do with it. Let me be honest; I'm not sure I like it. It's chewy and spiky and I don't know how to cook it. For the year I have been consuming it, the only place I have included it is in my daily morning juice. And that's no challenge. Put it in the blender and press the button. So, this January, season of Kale, I will try and find ways to cook (and like kale) in a solid form.

I've searched some of my favourite online culinary haunts and found a real mix of recipes to learn how to cook with kale. I hope these help some other confused cooks out there to make peace with this health gem.

+ a delicious way to cook rice

+ a hearty stew

+ a breakfast, lunch or dinner kale pesto

+ not strictly cooking but yet another way to try kale

+ and finally, why kale is such a super food

*images // Love and Lemons // The Chalkboard Mag // The Chalkboard Mag // My New Roots