The end is in sight

Happy Monday folks! Amongst other things, I'm happy to be in the last week of building work. Hoo-freaking-ray!! This Friday will mark one year since we picked up the keys to our beloved house and boy am I ready to be done with demolition, decorating and dust and enjoy our first Christmas in our home and Sophia's first Christmas ever!

There have been a few hiccups along the way with replacing the bay, (think rubbish weather and a dodgy ceiling) but this last week has seen our house sealed and watertight just in time for the cold weather. Brickwork check, window and panes check; we are firmly in the make-good phase. Over the course of last week the sitting room went from this


to this.


As you can see, we're a mist coat and couple of top-coats away from a finished living space. Upstairs there are some unexpected repairs to our bedroom ceiling - I don't think anyone wants a rude awakening from plaster overhead, but that should be ready for painting a week from now and I for one am seriously hoping the next time I post about this house it's some finished product! If you want to check out the before on this bay window you can do so here.

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