Bay update


A week flies by and it's amazing how quickly this

can turn into this


I guess it doesn't take long to knock a bay down. One day to be precise. The windows arrived on Thursday, while we were in Wales watching the Rugby (that's a whole other story) and by the time we were back on Friday there were foundations and a wall. The beginning of the new bay.


It will take a little longer to rebuild than it did to dismantle and this weather isn't going to help any (what happened to our Indian Summer)? Nevertheless we are managing to keep warm and dry so I can't complain, although I must admit cramming into half the house is definitely making me appreciate the space we normally have. There are only so many times you can trip over a pram, the washing and a bouncy chair all in one room before you start to get a little frustrated, but I must remind myself that this nearly is the end of it all.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that by Christmas the jobs list will be done, done, done!

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