The builders are back!


And I couldn't be more excited about it. It is finally time to tear down this decrepit bay (which isn't even the original windows but is still falling apart) and replace it with a shiny new original-style bay.

We had originally hoped to do this building work as part of the rest of the renovation last winter but as this part of the process required planning permission (we live in an uber-strict conservation area) we had to hold off while the planning came through. By the time it did we were two months away from Sophia's arrival and bespoke sash windows take time. So we thought best not to have the front off our house whilst giving birth at home. Anyway, the last four months have sped by and this morning we went to visit our hand-made new windows. Oh gosh, they are stunning, complete replicas of the original windows, made in hardwood, with proper lead weights and brass fittings. Can you tell I'm in love?


And today... the bay gets demolished, literally as I type, the widows are being removed before the roof and brickwork can come down. I can feel the end in sight. A new front door and door frame along with some interior finishing touches and this new (old) house of ours will be done (for now). There may be some serious remodelling projects in the future but not for a while now and whilst I will be a little sad to finish the renovation I am also so excited to spend our weekends just enjoying our house.

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