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From the weekend: #rollingsrenovation

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I'd be lying if I said this renovation wasn't taking over our lives. I wouldn't change it for the world, I love building our house with Dan, particularly now that we know it's going to be our first family home, but when you haven't had a day off in ten weeks it's hard not to have the odd moment of feeling daunted. This weekend's overwhelm came in the form of wood and paint. As my sister put it 'I cannot believe how much wood there is in your house'. Most houses only have wooden floors and these days most often they are covered with carpets. Our house not only has hardwood floors in every room (love it), we also have several wooden walls, and now that Dan has completed the sanding phase the painting phase is in full swing, and the list of places still needing paint is about 4 pages long!

So you guessed it, I spent the weekend painting but the great news is there is only one room left completely untouched. The rest are now slowly creeping towards completion, and as we zoom towards the two months till baby mark I'm hopeful that by 34 weeks I'll have a weekend (or part of one) off. We also have some really exciting DIY projects planned for the next couple of weeks that will hopefully move this place towards feeling more like a lived in home than a building site. We did take a bit of time off; to watch the rugby (how unbelievably gripping!!) and to have dinner with friends, a much needed reminder of what life will be like post #rollingsrenovation.

Photos by me via iPhone and instagram (i'm @emily_rollings)