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From the weekend: the work continues

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In my imagination, by the time we moved, all the work on the house would be finished and we would spend our first weekend relaxing, catching up on some much needed downtime. Can you tell I've never done a full scale renovation before? I don't mean to sound complaining, I am still loving the whole project but I'd be lying if I said a weekend to do weekend-y things wouldn't have been nice, but we are getting there, little bit at a time and that feels so satisfying.

Saturday started with a sunny stroll along the canal to our old house to hand over the keys. It was glorious and I'm more desperate than ever for true spring to arrive. The rest of the weekend predictably involved painting, painting and more painting. The kitchen, the bathroom and the office all of which are feeling tantalisingly close to being ready for finishing touches. In between the painting we did spend some time tidying away the mountains of things yet to find their home and the clutter is starting to dissipate.

The weekend didn't pass without a little bit of socialising, as some lovely friends popped round with housewarming gifts and joined us in our first drinks in the house (and put up with the mess!)

images by me via iPhone and instagram (i'm @emily_rollings)