We Moved!


As you probably guessed from how quiet it's been around here; we moved! And it has been insane. Dan and I have moved a lot in the five years that we've been together, but never into a house that was still in the process of being renovated, and the thing about still being knee deep in paint and varnish the day before you move is that it leaves slightly less time for the organisation of moving. Luckily we've had a little leeway with our old place and as of tonight we should be completely moved into our new place. There is still plenty of beautifying to do but we have a kitchen, bathroom and sanded floors. I'll keep you updated on the continuing work but for now I thought I'd share a few photos of where we got to by move date. As you can see the bay and the front door still need to be completely replaced but other than that I'm hoping we're just a few evening and weekend paint jobs away from a finished house.

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