House Renovation:: One week to go


Happy Monday. As I sit and write this post I can hardly believe that we are moving into our house a week tomorrow. Partly it's that 'where has the time gone' thing and partly it's that in my mind I think I imagined things being slightly further progressed by 8 days out, but hey ho.

March seemed so far off when we collected the keys at the beginning of November but I guess time does fly when you're having fun (working your butts' off)! Dan has been simply heroic, battling a nasty cold, running his business and taking on all the jobs that I'm too pregnant to do, which at the moment means all the floor sanding. It's a pretty grim job and one that we don't want to have left over for when we've moved in.

As for me I've been painting where I can and generally trying to juggle some semblance of a schedule, whilst everything keeps changing every day. A month ago I would have deemed it unthinkable for the painting not to be finished when we moved in (a month is so much time, right) but now I'll settle for clean. Who knows where we'll be at by this time next week, but one thing's for sure, this week is due to be the busiest of our lives!

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