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Happy Monday! Dan is back and no sooner had his feet touched the ground than we headed to the house for some major painting. I'm thrilled with how the bathroom paint colour has come out (Farrow and Ball's Wimborne White if you're interested); I think it's going to be just the right amount of warmth to stop us feeling chilly on these cold winter mornings. We also primed the new back door and fitted in a quick Ikea trip to buy our sink cabinet. So with a house full of kitchen appliances and a complete bathroom suite sprawled all over the place, we are days away from a finished kitchen and bathroom! Which, for me, means time to turn my attention to the main living spaces of the sitting room and dining room.

Whilst I love bold, colourful design, when it comes to the space that I want to live and relax in I'm a die-hard neutrals fan. That's not to say that I don't like the occasional pop of colour and Dan is very keen on contrast so we would never end up with museum of beige but I find the warmth and relaxing nature of a neutral palette hard to beat. Our sitting and dining room are joined and although they are not one complete space I'm aiming to create a flow between the two rooms that feels quite seamless. The major challenge, as always, is the drastically different quality of the light in the two rooms. The south facing sitting room is flooded with light throughout the day, whilst the north facing dining room is lucky to catch a single sunbeam no matter the hour. So although I was originally planning to paint consistently through the two rooms, having painted some samples over the weekend, what looks warm and relaxing in one room, is cold and draining in the other.

I'm still on the hunt for a Victorian mantlepiece and I'm desperate for the decks to be cleared so we can get on with sanding the floors. The hideous orange varnish that was oh so popular in the 1980s is a total eyesore and I'm dying to see what colour they really are underneath! And even when the walls and floors are sorted there will still be plenty of furniture sourcing, hacking and sprucing to do but hopefully these lovely spaces will show you where my inspiration is coming from and where I'm hoping we'll end up. Complete with lots of lighting and a bar (of course)!

images 1 via Jeanne Oliver Designs // 2 by Grace Combs via The Glitter Guide // 3 via Desire to Inspire // 4 via Inspired by Love

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