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January has been a busy month chez Rollings. Between managing house renovations and thinking about all the things that come with a first baby, I've been pretty much at my desk the whole time, working on a ton of new wedding designs, as well as some occasion stationery. These will be online by the end of the month.

All of these major life events do, of course, require Pinterest time squeezed in almost every day, and if nothing else, this board will tell you what I've been obsessing about in January (mainly chocolate chip cookies). There is also some inspiration for the inbuilt bar I am planning in the sitting room, and some other home comforts that I'm looking forward to treating myself to once the building work is over. Other than this, I am mainly focusing on looking ahead to Spring, partly because I hate the cold and partly because I am never more energised than when the days get longer, the temperature rises and the thought of going out for a gentle stroll actually feels tempting. And of course, there's this Spring's ever so special arrival as well!