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Happy Monday all. Next on the list of total room overhauls is the bathroom. Like the kitchen, it was totally ripped out, re-plastered and is awaiting it's renewal any day now.

I struggled with a vision for the bathroom, for a few reasons. First of all it's a pretty small room, which doesn't much bother me as it's not exactly a hang out room but a lot of the design styles I like somehow end up requiring a whole bunch of space (hmmm!) I also love freestanding baths, which we have in our current house and I make use of pretty much ever day. However when you only have one bathroom and need to fit a shower and bath into a space that is less than 3 metres squared the only option is to combine, so the freestanding bath went out the window. I did eventually find a lovely suite from Bathrooms.com and am super excited to see it in situ, but that still didn't solve my styling confusion.

Over the last week Dan and I hit the shops to look at different tiles and flooring to gather inspiration from the materials themselves and I must admit seeing products in the flesh really has helped. We're both keen to avoid feeling cold in the bathroom, so have steered away from the often popular cold white/grey bathroom and towards a look with a more Mediterranean feel. The walls will be Farrow and Ball's Wimborne White, a much warmer tone than a lot of the harsher whites out there. Combined with the super smooth, huge (60mm x60mm) porcelain tiles, which could turn out to be a major slip hazard but are the silkiest tiles I have ever encountered, we're hoping to create a warm yet neutral feel that channels all the best things about the decor of a boutique Spanish hotel.

I'm not yet totally decided on accessories but am on the hunt for a rattan bath mat and am hoping there will be space for some plants and possibly even some artwork, although I'm not sure where this will go that it won't get showered on every day. Any recommendations for where I can find some rattan pieces and some interesting bathroom mirrors would be much appreciated. Links to all the products are below. I cannot wait to show you the finished space in a few weeks!

All plumbing from Bathrooms.com // Egyptian Cotton Towels M&S // Imperiali Porcelain Floor Tiles B&Q // Rattan Mat Waveney Rush

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