Home Renovation :: Kitchen Minus One Day!


So as I mentioned last week, a remarkable amount of our house is plastered. I cannot tell you how much this is helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel. There are still electricians and a lot of cable all over the house and the dust is beyond what I could have imagined (the photos don't do it justice!) Despite this we're actually starting to get to jobs that I had listed as 'decorative'. We'll be painting the re-plastered rooms this weekend and hopefully sanding the floors in a couple of weeks (Dan not me - obvs). This is the last really messy job and I will actually feel like we can start to clean things up a bit then. So, to this week's big news:

The kitchen is getting fitted tomorrow. Yes, we will have a working kitchen by the weekend, which means the world to me; namely that we won't have to move into a kitchen-less house when I'm 7 months pregnant. Yay!


I'm half way through picking paint colours and we've even ordered a bathroom.

And yes this is the previously graffiti-ridden, bee nest housing, soon-to-be-guest room. Can you believe the last time you saw the kitchen and guest bedroom they looked like this??? Sometimes I can't believe it myself.

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