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Happy Wednesday! Can you believe it's only a month until Valentine's Day? Valentine's Day is a double-whammy for me, because Dan and I met on the 15th February, so this is our unofficial (original) anniversary. And this year will be five years since that day. How time flies and what a lot can happen in five years!

I know some people detest this holiday and see it as the original 'commercialism gone wild' holiday but I can't help but look forward to it. I don't think there can ever be enough excuses to tell the people we love that we love them. Don't get me wrong, I personally don't wait for this one day to express love. I'm sort of an over-sharer in that department and my take is that it isn't about when you share love but that you do.

As for Dan and I, we don't go overboard with presents etc and some years I think we've forgone presents all together; the important thing for me is to express your love and, if you can, to be together. Present or not, I do always give Dan a card, but then I am a stationery designer so this is one of my favourite ways to celebrate a sentiment.

Anyway, I was messing around with some watercolours in the Autumn and started painting my own little colour chart of candy coloured circles. When I came back to look at it the next day, I realised that these little circles reminded my of a certain childhood sweet of a romantic nature. I decided to turn these little watercolours into my first set of Valentine's Day cards, which are now on sale in my shop.

Let me know what you think of the cards, and I would love to hear your Valentine's Day traditions or the plans that you have this year.