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Wow, it was a productive week at the house! When they said the work would be starting at the beginning of January, they weren't kidding. We arrived on Monday at 9am to find five electricians already drilling and taking up floorboards and this past week the back of the house (basically the kitchen and bathroom) are almost electrically complete. This weekend Dan levelled the kitchen floor and it really feels like the kitchen will be finished before we know it.

So in the meantime I have been collecting inspiration for the how the interiors will eventually end up (we hope!) As you can see, we're favouring wooden worktops and a white bright space, which will hopefully make our tiny but practical kitchen feel as spacious as possible. I also seem to be finding myself drawn to a fairly monochromatic scheme, which I have never tried before but am quite excited about.

Can I also just say how much I would love a kitchen big enough to have all pantry food organised in neat glass jars on open shelving! Whilst we will have some open shelving I'm not sure if it will quite work out like the above in our bijou space.

I'm currently on the hunt for final little details like a tap and door handles to finish the kitchen off. I'm always amazed at how much these kinds of details can totally transform the feel of a kitchen. Any recommendations for interesting kitchenware please share.

Happy Monday!

Image sources: 1 via Dustjacket Attic // 2 via Butiksofie // 3 via frolic // 4 via Onekingslane

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