Guess what...


No, that's not just too much Christmas pudding. That's right, we're expecting a baby and over Christmas my little bump has most definitely popped! We've spent a wonderful long holiday relaxing with family and imagining how different it will all be next year. We had the most exciting start to the year, finding out the day after New Years Day, that we're having a girl!

I'm now 20 weeks (aka half-way) and our little girl will be making her way to us in May. As for me, there were a few tough days/weeks in the beginning but so far I am loving pregnancy and generally feeling great but definitely a little more tired than usual.

In other news, the builders have started work at the house and I'm keeping hopeful that it'll all be ready for our moving date (or at least our little lady's arrival)! Expect more updates of the house variety soon.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

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