Home Renovation : Worse before it gets better


It's been a month since we got the keys to our delightful fixer upper and a lot has been happening. Mostly thanks to Dan's excellent DIY skills, I must say. That being said we are definitely in the 'messy stage'. Plans are developing for the building work in the new year but at the moment the major task has been clearing out, well, everything!


Dan has removed the entire kitchen, revealing some lovely red Victorian floor tiles which unfortunately have been ruined by asbestos lino at some point since. We've removed the 1950s fireplace surround to be replaced with a surround that is more sympathetic with the age of the house and fireplace itself. In some rooms I have stripped off four layers of wallpaper and we also uncovered a tongue and groove wall in one of the bedrooms that had been papered and plaster-boarded over. Carpets have been pulled up and shelves removed and Dan has cleared a lot of it out already. The back bedroom definitely takes the prize for biggest tip. We've not only uncovered walls with floor to ceiling doodles but plaster that literally crumbles in your hand, so a lot of the house will be going back to brick and board before renewal starts in January.


We go from stressed to excited daily but are both in agreement that it will be the most incredible achievement once it is finished.

I also had to share Dan's self-built tool bench, created from bits of the kitchen!

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