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I always find that Christmas sneaks up on me. Let me say, I love Christmas. I'm definitely not one of those people who humbugs an early start, although I'm not convinced about radio stations playing Christmas songs before December. That said, because Dan's birthday is the last week of November and mine is the first week of December I find myself busy and pre-occupied with organisation for birthdays, and then before I know it it's practically the middle of December and only two weeks until Christmas (my Mother's birthday)!

So having spent years waiting until after my birthday to think about Christmas, this year I have given in and have most definitely been planning presents and other Christmas activities pre-December, in the hope that by the time the real Christmas period starts I am relaxed and prepared. In the spirit of this we are planning to buy our tree this weekend and I'm hoping to make some mince pies to fill the house with yet more winter scents.

I might put off writing Christmas cards until next week, along with my intensive shopping session, which I try to do online in one or two sittings. With the exception of a few very special London shops, I hate Christmas shopping so I get way more joy planning treats for my loved ones in a virtual retail environment.

So I guess birthday or no birthday it is beginning to feel like Christmas. Maybe come Monday I'll even allow the Christmas music to begin.

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